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Senior Web Application Developer  
(Full-time Contractor)

We have an immediate opening for a senior web application developer to head the development on an online builder. The primary purpose of the online builder will be to provide a graphical user interface to allow users to  tailor the content of a mobile experience to be used in a patient-facing healthcare environment (upcoming ARDVRK SaaS-based product). In addition to eventually plugging in to various online services, the web app will need to robustly implement the best of web security standards, securely encrypting and transmitting patient PHI (protected health information) and meeting/exceeding HIPAA security standards.

Team Background
Healthcare is a complex industry in which risk is always a factor. Reducing risk and ensuring positive medical outcomes depends on finding innovative ways to improve clinical skills and enhance patient understanding.  ARDVRK’s 3D augmented and virtual reality technology enables physicians, patients, and payers to “visualize better health.” We like to think of ourselves as storytellers — turning complex medical scenarios into visual adventures that are engaging and easy-to-understand. The end result for all involved is improved competence, greater confidence, and better healthcare outcomes. 

Skills Needed
  • A solid understanding of how web applications work including security, session management, and software architecture best practices
  • Development experience building enterprise-targeted software, or large-scale consumer applications requiring encryption and secure transmitting of sensitive information
  • Experience designing back-end solutions that integrate with various external APIs/services/databases
  • Experience in design and technical leadership of complex multi-tier applications, databases for desktop or web-based software
  • Knowledge in object-oriented design, popular design pattern methodologies and naming conventions, SOLID design principles, and n-layer & service-oriented architectures.
  • Testing & deployment of modern containerized cloud-native applications or microservices
  • Experience with traditional deployment/hosting with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure
  • Enthusiasm for well-commented code, and well-named variables and methods. Takes time in refactoring previously written code for improved tidiness, and in pondering better names for variables/methods/classes to preemptively eliminate any sources of vagueness and misinterpretation.

Additional Bonus Experience

  • Deployment experience using Kubernetes Engine (or comparable cloud-native platform) or working with containerized applications/services
  • Experience with modern as well as traditional backend web technologies including Ruby on Rails, Django, Node.js, Go, Spring, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, HAProxy, Apache, Nginx, Firebase, etc.
  • Experience with modern front-end web development technologies including JQuery, React, Angular, Vue, Polymer, Bootstrap, Foundation, GSAP, or others
  • Experience building responsive or mobile-first frontend applications using modern design methodologies (HTML5/CSS3) that target cross-browser/cross-platform compatibility
  • Use of analytics dashboard-based platforms for user metrics tracking or issue tracking
  • Experience meeting federal governance and policy requirements for fintech or healthcare-related software products (i.e.  meeting HIPAA compliance)
  • Experience working with CMS systems or popular enterprise platforms (i.e. SharePoint, BizTalk, SalesForce, Commerce Server)
  • Experience designing SaaS applications, or working in funded software startups

Education and Minimum Years of Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or equivalent (exceptions may be made based upon skill level or professional experience)
  • Minimum experience equivalent of 4-6 years in software or web application development

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