Our Platform

Making a transformative impact on healthcare engagement.

ARDVRK’s multi-media AR/VR Vital Recall® is a mobile device-based software platform. We host the applications and make them available to you online. Vital Recall® is configurable and runs on any IOS and Android device creating a much more engaging experience. Imagine being able to accurately visualize and interact with a 3D representation of the human body. We create an immersive experience where patients and healthcare professionals can learn anatomy and how a therapy or device functions in realistic detail.

The benefits of ARDVRK’s AR/VR technology are not limited to healthcare professionals. Our Vital Recall® platform is a powerful engagement tool that helps patients to more easily understand medical procedures and treatment. It enables them to “visualize better health” and become more informed participants.

Our Avatar is configurable by gender, ethnicity, and age.

Platform Benefits

Multimedia enterprise wide solution that is a powerful immersive experience.


  • Patients more easily understand medical procedures and treatments, enabling them to “visualize better health,” driving better outcomes.
  • Clinicians receive the latest information on new therapies, devices, and treatment protocols, allowing them to better engage their patients and reinforce anatomical learnings and how a body functions in realistic detail. Imagine being able to accurately visualize and interact with a 3-D representation of the human body.
  • Nurses will be better trained in the best way to educate patients, administer treatments/therapies, and use devices.
  • Medical Affairs/Sales Reps will have improved access to HCPs and increased effectiveness in HCP interactions (MedEd, training, detailing).

Our Value Proposition

Creating the future of customer engagement in Life Sciences

ARDVRK’s Vital Recall® software enables us to produce an enterprise-wide platform for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your stakeholder education and training initatives.

  • Effectiveness – ability to leverage best-in-class interactive simulations, our clients will have easy access to superior engagement and training tools all on one flexible and configurable platform.

  • Efficiency – ability to rapidly adapt and configure for specific business objectives, including clinical trials, global launches  and more cost effective training in big markets.

  • Image – ability to enhance our clients image as innovation leader: unifying brands post integration, providing unique branding opportunities,  highlighting our clients as THE state-of-the-art player with a vision for impactful use of cutting edge technology. 

We have never seen anything like this before. The physician literally took the iPad out of the rep’s hand and started working with the avatar.

Senior VP, Global Marketing

Your AR app is setting us apart from our competitors. It’s a real differentiator.

Global Marketing Manager, Fortune 500 Medical Device Company

This is a major step forward in helping physicians, patients and sites better understand the trial and the protocol.

EVP Clinical Development, Fortune 500 Biopharma