Visualizing Better Health Today

Healthcare is a complex industry in which risk is always a factor. Reducing risk and ensuring positive medical outcomes depends on finding innovative ways to improve clinical skills and enhance patient understanding.

That’s what we do. ARDVRK’s 3D augmented and virtual reality technology enables physicians, patients, and payers to “visualize better health.” We like to think of ourselves as storytellers — turning complex medical scenarios into visual adventures that are engaging and easy-to-understand.

The end result for all involved is improved competence, greater confidence, and better healthcare outcomes.

With our scalable medical simulation solutions, we can customize a “story” for your unique healthcare needs, using these technologies:

Augmented Reality (AR)

Using the camera from your mobile phone or tablet, along with special 3D software, Augmented Reality enables you to visualize an artificial, or augmented environment on top of a real world setting. You are aware of your surroundings, yet still engaged in an unforgettable 3D experience. AR is particularly useful when you don’t need full sensory immersion, yet high engagement is critical.

Virtual Reality (VR)

With the use of a special headset, Virtual Reality enables you to become completely immersed in a new setting. VR simulates your physical presence in an imaginary (or “virtual”) environment, surrounded by realistic images and accompanied by the actual sounds and sensations associated with that environment. The virtual world is created with animation or 360-degree video. To ensure access to the latest technology, ARDVRK works with all of the top manufacturers of VR headsets.

360 Video


360 Degree Video places the user in a real world setting with either live or pre-recorded video footage. Immersed in this non-digital environment, users are able to explore the world around them with a 360° field of vision.

This technology is simple and easy to use, requiring only a smartphone. It can also be combined with VR content modules to create a truly unforgettable experience.

Our Process


We work with your team to listen and learn about the pain points and unfulfilled opportunities associated with the specific disease areas. Together with you, we brainstorm divergent and convergent solutions.


We identify the most compelling and impactful way to tell your brand or disease story. Together we select the core concept and from there ARDRVK develops the design, and ensures it meets your needs and objectives for success.


Our storytellers and creative team will create storyboards, write scripts, and assemble the right 3D developers and artists. These are then presented to you prior to development in order to verify that we are aligned with you on the look, feel, and tone of your brand.


Once the storyboards are approved, ARDVRK begins app development. Our artists and developers work hand-in-hand to animate the story and develop the assets until your content is brought to life.


ARDVRK provides user training during the app’s rollout, to make sure that your team is properly maximizing the product’s effectiveness. And, during the entire lifecycle we are continuously performing QA testing to ensure the highest possible quality.


Regardless of the technology selected (AR or VR) or the device it is used on, we incorporate trackable metrics so you can close the loop, and determine the impact of the app on your target audience.


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